Our work so far

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Asking our campaigners

In August, we ran another COVID-19 survey which over 5,000 people responded to. We will be using the experiences shared in this survey to continue to inform our work around COVID-19 and will raise the difficulties people are facing directly with the Government.
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A focus on supermarkets

With other charities, we put pressure on the Government to collate information on the regulations in place for different supermarkets. This means charities like us can now more easily advise people on accessing food during the pandemic. We have also been reviewing Government guidance for supermarkets and local authorities to ensure the key challenges facing people in later life at this time are considered.
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Raising your concerns in Parliament

Using the stories and concerns raised in our coronavirus survey, we have shared the experiences of people in later life directly with decision makers, through briefings to MPs and evidence submissions to parliamentary committees.
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Clearing up COVID-19 guidance

An Independent Age poll of people over 65 found that 43% incorrectly believed that the Government had instructed over-70s without any underlying health conditions to shield themselves by not leaving the house at all. We asked our campaigners to use our briefing to challenge people using unclear or incorrect language about what people should or shouldn’t be doing during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Calling for better communication

Over 500 of our campaigners wrote to their MP to call for clearer COVID-19 guidance for everyone the Government had put in the clinically vulnerable group. Clear explanations of what the guidance means and the evidence behind it would allow people to make informed decisions to protect their health during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Hearing from our campaigners

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we surveyed our campaigners and over 2,500 people responded. The experiences shared in this survey helped inform our work and told us what we should be focussing on. Nearly 2,000 people responded to our second survey on access to food and the responses have allowed us to raise the difficulties people are facing directly with the Government.

Independent Age has been listening to the concerns most often raised on our Helpline and we’ve pulled together some FAQs.

Our FAQs go through a range of issues you might be facing during COVID-19 and offer information and advice that might help.


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