We hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend. With social distancing having an impact on all our lives, this week we are sharing our latest advice and support to prevent social isolation. Email supporters@independentage.org with any tips you have found helpful over the last few weeks and we'll make sure to share the best suggestions.

Advice if you’re feeling lonely
We know that for many social distancing can have an impact on feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you are feeling lonely please do reach out to friends, family and neighbours. The Campaign to End Loneliness has tips and advice for how to stay connected on its blog. Thank you to those who filled in our wellbeing survey. It's open for a few more days if you would like to share your thoughts.

Support if you’re dealing with grief
We’ve recently partnered with GriefChat, an online service which provides a safe place for grieving or bereaved people to be able to share their story, explore their feelings and receive support. If you are dealing with grief while in isolation, please reach out to GriefChat via our website or call our helpline on 0800 319 6789.

Making your voices heard
We spoke up on issues around digital inclusion and exclusion at a remote evidence session to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration. This group of MPs from different parties were interested to learn more about the benefits digital technology could bring people while they socially distance, and the barriers for those who can’t, or choose not to, access digital technology. Some of these challenges are discussed by Padma in her recent blog as part of our Home Truths blog series.

I’d like to end by encouraging you to keep calling and checking in on family, friends and neighbours. We could all do with more social connection during this time.

Wishing you all the best,

Deborah Alsina MBE
Chief Executive
Independent Age



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