Advice for volunteers supporting people in their own communities

At this time we are not actively recruiting community volunteers to support older people with obtaining food and prescriptions etc. we are instead referring people to register as NHS Responders.

We know that some of our existing volunteers may well be doing this independently and as a result we wanted to provide those of you who are with some advice and guidance on how to do this as safely as possible:

  • Make sure you minimise the time you’re spending outside.
  • Only do it if you’re feeling well, you aren’t in an especially high-risk group and haven’t been advised to self-isolate.
  • Only provide support where it’s essential for the health or well-being of a vulnerable person.
  • Keep washing your hands often for 20 seconds.
  • Stay at least two metres – about three steps – away from people.
  • Support family, friends and neighbours by phone or video call if you can.
  • If you are running errands for people stay outside of people’s homes.
  • Let family and friends know what you’re doing.
  • See if there is a local Covid 19 group in your area who may also be able to offer support
  • If you’re trying to help someone with very serious issues don’t be afraid to flag with the appropriate statutory services.
  • Visit our Neighbourhood Response pages for advice on shopping, helping people avoid scams, and more
  • Don’t take on too much – it's often better not to offer at all than to let someone down.

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