Janet Elizabeth Gillard, aged 80, is the winner of our competition and created the Christmas Rose card. One of her favourite flowers, is the Hellebore, also known as the Christmas Rose and was the inspiration for her design.

"I hope my card brings joy to people"

Janet Elizabeth Gillard

Janet’s story:

We were delighted to receive so many wonderful entries for our Christmas card competition. Here, we speak to the winner, one-time ‘TV star’ Janet. Keen amateur painter, Janet, who’s 80, once represented south west Scotland on the Channel 4 series Watercolour Challenge.

The mother of three, who now lives in the South East, says she started painting seriously when her children went to school, though art had been her favourite subject during her own school days.

Janet is also a great nature lover and grows many flowers from seed in her greenhouse. This is to the great enjoyment of her husband Ron – although he is rarely able to leave their house, he is able to enjoy their garden through the window.

Janet says, “I enjoy people and like people to be happy. The little bit of difference that Independent Age makes can bring such a difference to people’s lives, including our own. I’m hoping my card will give colour and joy to people and raise a lot of money for Independent Age.” She adds “I know from my work in teaching that people don’t always know what they are capable of achieving. I hope other people will be inspired to pick up a pencil or a paintbrush and have a go.”

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Christmas card designs available for 2017

Christmas card designs available for 2017

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