Head of Policy Morgan Vine spoke on behalf of Independent Age at an APPG hearing, discussing the complicated grief that many people have experienced by losing someone during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full story in The Guardian

Independent Age in the News


Independent Age: Guidance on Pension Credit

Simon Hewett-Avison, Director of Services at Independent Age, spoke to CardRates.com about healthy independent living, social connections, and financial security for people over 65. 

Morning Star

Charity calls for more bereavement support funding

Deborah Alsina calls for the government to prioritise funding for bereavement services as our research reveals that up to 290,000 people aged 65 and over have lost a partner since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gillian who has regular contact with an Independent Age volunteer also discusses the challenges she has faced losing a husband during the pandemic. Read the full article on the Morning Star

Evening Standard

Losing a partner can be overwhelming

In response to the passing of Prince Philip, Head of Policy Morgan Vine is interviewed on bereavement and discusses the type of support The Queen will need after losing a lifelong partner. Read the full interview, including information on our bereavement services on the Evening Standard

The Observer

Prince Philip: Experts talk about bereavement

Head of Policy Morgan Vine discusses the issues those is later can face when losing a partner, highlighting that one in 10 bereaved older people experience "complicated grief", a condition similar to PTSD. Discover what else Morgan had to say about bereavement on The Observer.

Daily Mail

Lack of funding for bereavement services

FOI request by Independent Age reveals that less than a quarter of local bodies in England have provided extra bereavement support during the Covid-19 pandemic. An "inconsistent approach" is creating a postcode lottery for bereavement services. Read the full article on the Daily Mail.

Good Housekeeping

Pension Credit explained

Explanation of Pension Credit, what it is and who is eligible. Deborah Alsina provided a quote highlighting that 1 million people are missing out on Pension Credit which can provide a gateway to further financial support. Read the quote on Good Housekeeping


Older people missing out on Warm Home Discount

Independent Age says older people could have missed out on £88m in Government support to help pay their energy bills. People that qualify for Pension Credit can get £140 off their heating bills, but many are not claiming the Warm Home Discount. Read the fully story on iNews. 

The Times

Waive delivery fees for shielding customers

Independent Age sends letter signed by over 20 charities to supermarkets, urging them to waive online delivery charges for customers shielding from Covid-19. Read the full story, including Deborah Alsina's comment in The Times.