As you get older, your care and support needs may change. Perhaps you need some extra help to stay independent in your home, you're considering moving to a smaller house or sheltered housing, or you need advice on paying for care at home or in a care home.

Choosing where to live

There are many reasons why you might be considering your housing options as you get older.  Health and mobility difficulties, changes to your household size or a wish to be closer to family members and friends are a few examples. Deciding where and when to move – or whether to move at all – can be difficult. It’s important to think carefully about what type of housing is right for you.

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Getting help at home

If you’re looking for some help to stay independent in your own home, there is a range of services, gadgets and equipment that you might benefit from. Even small changes and occasional support can help make everyday life easier.

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Paying for your care

The number of people paying for their own care is growing. While some people will qualify for funding from their council for care at home or in a care home, many will end up paying for all of their care. This can be difficult, emotionally and financially, but it’s best to plan ahead and avoid snap decisions.

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