Veronica struggles with her sight due to an eye condition and this means she needs eye care beyond regular check-ups. For Veronica, her car is a lifeline that allows her to stay connected to others. If she didn’t have that, she would rely solely on her TV and the characters on there for company and connection to the outside world.

Veronica found out about Pension Credit when she called Independent Age’s helpline several years ago. Veronica says “A lot of people don’t know about it. A lot of people are not aware it exists but receiving Pension Credit takes a tremendous amount of anxiety out of your life.”

Receiving Pension Credit has transformed Veronica’s quality of life as well as providing a gateway to other services. Now she receives Pension Credit, Veronica can access free dental care, chiropody and free eye care – something which is especially important with her eye condition.

Veronica says, “If you ring up about it, the Pension Credit people are so helpful. It opens doors for you. Your sight and dental are things you need with age. It’s a tremendous help.” But Veronica doesn’t think this is enough.

Veronica is supporting Independent Age’s campaign because she thinks it is a scandal that £.2.5 billion of Pension Credit goes unclaimed each year. She thinks the government needs to act now to help the people who need it most. “These perks are kept quiet but Pension Credit is vital. It is only because of Independent Age that I know the help is there.”

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