Pension Credit has changed Edwina’s life. “With the amount of Pension Credit I get, how could I have managed without that every week? Well I think I’d be dead now to be honest. To know you’ve got x number of pounds coming next Friday and that whatever might happen I’ve got that bit of money coming. It means that if there is an emergency, like my washing machine breaking, I’ve got some money to fall back on.”

“Pension Credit gives me peace of mind. Imagine if I didn’t have Pension Credit? Where would I be? It certainly pays for my food bill every day and gives me the choice to buy good quality, healthy food rather than having to survive on the basics. That could be the difference between good health, bad health and survival. Peace of mind hopefully brings better quality of health and improves your mental wellbeing which in turn lessens the impact on the NHS. Pension Credit has to get to the people who need it.”

“Pension Credit means you don't need to turn your central heating off or sit in the dark or go hungry. I'm sure there are people out there who have to do that. With Pension Credit, you can enjoy the opportunities that retirement has to offer.”

Edwina is supporting Independent Age’s campaign because, like 81% of the public, she thinks it’s the responsibility of the current government to ensure that all older people who are entitled to Pension Credit are receiving it.  Edwina feels “There are a lot of people out there who are possibly under unnecessary hardship because they are not being clearly and well informed”.

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