An image of a bookcaseLow uptake of Pension Credit
Pension Credit is a vital benefit for older people, yet has had low levels of take-up for a decade. This short briefing sets out the issue, and highlights the key evidence around the impact of low Pension Credit take-up. It also contains Independent Age’s recommendations to the Government, primarily focused on the need for the Government to develop and publish a comprehensive action plan on how they will work to increase the uptake of Pension Credit.
Evidence briefingsOlder people and depression
Independent Age believes that every older person’s mental health should be taken seriously. This short briefing highlights key evidence around older people and depression. It also contains recommendations that we believe are necessary to reduce stigma around mental health and support older people to seek help.
Bookcase_lonelinessLoneliness and social isolation in later life
We believe that loneliness is not, and should not be, an inevitable part of getting older. However, many older people do experience loneliness and social isolation, which are linked to a range of health problems. This short briefing, co-developed with the Campaign to End Loneliness, highlights the key evidence around loneliness and social isolation in later life.