Help end loneliness this Christmas

Feelings of loneliness are often worse for older people at Christmas time. The good news is that our volunteers don't stop working during the festive season. By making a donation this Christmas, you can help make all the difference to someone like Helen.

After she lost her husband, Helen became desperately lonely. Her Independent Age volunteer, Joy, put the happiness back into her life.

The first Christmas without Roger, I felt terrible emptiness, and so alone. Joy's visits have helped me look forward to Christmas again.

Helen, 73

Helen now looks forward to every meeting she has with Joy:

"Now, every Wednesday morning, I open my curtains and smile to myself as I remember, "It's Joy day!" Because Joy is so much more than a volunteer who visits me each week. She is the sunshine of my life. We talk about everything and anything, and I don't think I've ever laughed so much with anyone!"

Help us end loneliness and bring more people like Joy to older people across the UK by donating this Christmas.