Campaign with us!

Our Campaign Correspondents write regular letters to their MPs about some of the main issues affecting older people to help Independent Age to make sure older people get the support they deserve.

As a Campaign Correspondent, you will become one of our valued Independent Age campaigners helping us to persuade MPs to change things to benefit older people.

As a Campaign Correspondent you will:

  • Commit to writing to your MP three times a year. We might occasionally suggest you write more often if an important issue comes up, but we’ll only ask you to commit to three letters a year
  • Receive regular briefing packs with information on the issues we’re campaigning about, including background material about the particular concerns we’d like you to write about
  • Receive information from Independent Age to help you draft the letter in your own words.

Campaigning for us will give you the chance to gain more knowledge of the issues facing older people and learn more about your local area through the information Independent Age provides. You will have an opportunity to influence decision making in your local area and nationally to help enhance older people’s lives.

If you have an queries please email or call our team on 020 7605 4478.

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