In 2023 trustees, staff and partners worked together to finalise our strategy and our ambitious goal of improving the lives of one million older people experiencing financial hardship by 2027.

We continued to highlight stories of poverty in later life, through our reports The hidden two million, about at-risk groups across the UK, and Not enough to live on, which focused on the financial realities for older people living in Scotland. Our research into private renters, another group more likely to struggle with low income and high costs later in life, led to the launch of our Hidden renters report in September.

Read our annual report to explore our year in numbers, including the £1.5 million in grants we’ve awarded to 36 partners and the 20,138 Helpline calls our team answered. You’ll hear the stories of Rob from Penzance, Aminah from Middlesborough, and Thabani from London, and how they are managing financial hardship. Learn what we achieved in 2023, and how we’re going to support older people in the years to come.