Anisah gave up her time to be filmed for our Pension Credit campaign, where she spoke about the difference receiving Pension Credit made to her life and called on the Government to take urgent action. Watch her story here.

She recently followed this up by writing a poem, where she speaks about the need for older people to call for the financial support they are entitled to:

Anisah's poem

Are you hungry – cold or lonely?

Never fear, Pension Credit is here

You know you can say, that come what may

There’s help, don’t be too proud.


You paid your way

When you were working, never shirking

Your duty to this country

You have earned your bounty


You have your pension - ease your tension

Speak to your doctor or social service

He will advise you - that is certain

You need not be cold - or hungry - or thirsty


The MPs are people too,

They can help no matter who – sits in No.10,

All should know, no matter when,

We “oldies” have served you with our lives.


Now it's time we get our price

by Pension Credit to be sure 

don't sit and mope

You now got hope!


- Anisah

Hearing from older people about why these issues are so important to them is the driving force of our campaign. This poem, addressed to an older person, highlights the need to see this payment as money that the hardest-pressed pensioners are entitled to, which is very important given that many people we speak to feel deterred from taking up money which has been earmarked for them. The poem also highlights the role of MPs.

We hope that it will make people support our campaign to reform the Pension Credit system so that the Government takes responsibility for improving Pension Credit take-up – as the poem emphasises, it can make the difference between being cold, hungry or socially isolated, and being able to have a better quality of life.