Ageism plus work and moneyThe road to poverty for older people with mental health problems
The difficulties of securing a good enough pension when faced with mental health difficulties. By Rachel Braverman, Money and Mental Health Policy Institute.
Ageism plus work and moneyDiffering expectations of older men and women in the workplace
Cathy ponders why no one questions men working into their 70s but women of the same age are expected to do coffee in John Lewis instead. By Cathy.
Ageism plus work and money.The sting in the tale of WASPI
Women born in the 1950s were actively encouraged not to save towards their retirement. With a change to the state pension, what impact has this had on those women? By Christine Smith.
Ageism plus work and moneyUnconscious or conscious bias against older workers?
Older workers have more experience, more loyalty, better listening and empathy skills and are often more motivated. So everyone wants to employ them, right? By Natasha Oppenheim, CEO of No Desire To Retire.
Ageism plus work and moneyOlder private renters living in poverty and fear
Independent Age’s Amelia Christie describes the effect of rising rents and insecure tenancies on the 500,000 older people living in privately rented accommodation.
Ageism plus work and money4,000 applications, 40 interviews, 1 job offer
“I applied for 4,000 jobs before Independent Age took me on”. Our Office Services Manager, John Thurston describes how ageism almost derailed his career.