ageism sexismMy ever diminishing voice
Listen to me! Julia warns us that you need to become much more assertive to be heard as an older woman.
ageism sexismThe crisis of isolated older men
Single older men are more likely to feel lonely and isolated and less likely to seek out help to overcome it. By Ray Mitchell.
ageism sexismNegative perceptions of older childless men
Older men who have never had children are a disadvantaged group but tend to be overlooked or worse, seen as a threat. By Dr Robin Hadley.

ageism sexismDeath: the great unequaliser
Independent Age’s Catherine Seymour explains how women are typically worse off financially after the death of their partner than men are.
ageism sexismThe rubbish people say to older women
Don’t tell me I don’t look my age, there’s nothing wrong with my age! By Sophia.
ageism sexismOlder isolated men urgently need support (to help themselves?)
Ron, an Independent Age service user, explores the reasons why older men who feel lonely or isolated don’t seek out the help they need.
ageism sexismThe last taboo?
Watch our interview with Baroness Ros Altmann on the challenges facing professional women as they get older.
ageism sexismAgeing is not for the faint hearted
Sam Smethers of the Fawcett Society talks about the particular experiences of ageing faced by women.
ageism sexismOlder women rock!
Activist and spoken word poet, Leah Thorn, tackles ageism against women with poetry, retro clothes, performance and film.