ageism race cultureWhat’s in a label?
Ageing according to labels. Jabeer Butt from the Race Equality Foundation looks back at ageing through the eyes of others.
ageism race cultureAgeism & discrimination: a personal view
“How am I going to grow old in the UK?” Jazz Browne wonders, when racism and discrimination is rife in the social care sector.
ageism race cultureThe Windrush scandal: racism and ageism
By Emily McCarron of Age UK.
ageism race cultureBarriers to employment
He’s lived in the UK for years so why does Joe feel like an outsider?
ageism race cultureOlder carers: invisible and undervalued
Older carers need support, financial, practical and emotional. For those whose first language is not English, support is even more important. By Circle Steele of the Wai Yin Society.
Ageism race cultureDid you hear the one about the Irishman?
People from the Irish community are not usually seen as a distinct group from the majority British population. Dr Mary Tilki explains why this can cause problems for older Irish community members.
ageism race cultureDementia and the Windrush Generation
David Truswell explores why people from BAME groups have a higher risk of dementia and an added challenge of living with this condition in a place very far away from everything they knew as home.
ageism race cultureCultural and spiritual needs ignored
The cultural and spiritual needs of older Irish people can be overlooked, especially by health and social care providers. By Paul Raymond.