ageism lgbtSuffering from unacknowledged grief
Understanding the unique challenges of bereavement experienced by older LGBT+ community members. By Catherine Seymour.
ageism lgbtLesbian loneliness
“Living too long in the shadow of social shame, I dare not rock the boat”. Sue was moved to write this poem about the experience of a gay woman in a care home. By Sue Lister.
ageism lgbtHow wonderful to be an openly gay older man
A positive account of growing older from Maurice, a gay, HIV positive man. By Maurice Greenham.
ageism lgbtDementia’s impact on the LGBTQ community
Members of the LGBT+ community may be afraid to ask for care and advice for fear of prejudice or just being treated differently. By Ian Baxter and Libby Pearson.
ageism lgbtOlder LGBT+ people can be lonelier than most
Even in this super-connected world, Switchboard, the helpline for the LGBT+ community, still receives plenty of calls from lonely older people. By Nuala O'Sullivan from Switchboard - the LGBT+ helpline.
ageism lgbtHomophobia is alive and kicking in the care industry
Older LGBT+ people should be able to live their lives openly and fully, but those receiving care often don’t find this to be the case. By Alice Wallace from Opening Doors.
ageism lgbtForced back into the closet in later life
Maggie describes her experience of being a gay woman, remembering the hostility of earlier times, and feeling forced back into the closet in her 60s.