ageism dementiaLet’s raise our expectations
It’s time to raise our ambition for people living with dementia, to offer opportunities for meaningful involvement. By Jen Hartley-Bond.
ageism dementiaAddressing the stigma around dementia
Dementia is one of the most feared and misunderstood health conditions. Here are some reasons why. By Nil Güzelgün, Alzheimer’s Society.
ageism dementiaStereotyping is pervasive and dangerous
Whether as “baby boomers” or “bed blockers”, negative stereotyping of older people is pervasive and dangerous. By Glen Garrod.
ageism dementiaDementia and the Windrush Generation
David Truswell explores why people from BAME groups have a higher risk of dementia and an added challenge of living with this condition in a place very far away from everything they knew as home.
ageism dementiaMisconceptions and fear about dementia
By Wendy Mitchell, author of the Sunday Times best seller Somebody I Used to Know.
ageism dementiaAttitudes to dementia must change
Bridget talks about the difficulties she faced in getting a diagnosis of dementia for her husband Vincenzo, and the challenges of other people’s attitudes.
ageism dementiaFind me someone to care for
Kate reflects on her experience of caring for her husband who was living with dementia.
ageism dementiaPeople with dementia speak out against stigma
People with dementia speak out about the impact stigma has on their lives. Over 50% of UK adults thinks there is a stigma around dementia, according to Alzheimer's Society research from 2008. By the Alzheimer's Society.