It’s not always glamorous

Being old is an adventure, but not an adventure holiday where you get your campsite set up for you. It’s an adventure as in being abandoned on Dartmoor with a water bottle. 

It’s challenging, it’s scary, it’s messy, it’s frightening, and it’s got its own rewards. 

It has the reward of perspective, of being able to love freely. You can be more loving, tolerant and patient because you have a different, wider view of things. So those are positives. 

A worthwhile journey

Having lived life and made enough mistakes, you can begin to think that people do make mistakes, and it’s not the end of the world. You can recover from a mistake; you can learn and be less judgemental. 

You can just love people without an agenda.

And you can generally have the confidence to be yourself because you honestly don’t care what people think. If you’re lucky that kicks in around 50.