Some things have stayed the same as a woman and some things have got more difficult. Generally speaking, people listen less if you are a woman, but when you get older you stop being listened to even more. Now I find I have to be more assertive to get heard.

I'm no pushover

There definitely is a difference in the ageing process for men and women, especially if you are single. Being an older woman on your own is particularly difficult; I meet discrimination in many different aspects of my life.

I find young men quite condescending. They seem to think that because I am an older women, I am a push-over. I’m treated as if I am not important or I am stupid. That really does annoy me, especially because I have been managing my own life completely on my own for thirty years.

I feel invisible

I’ve noticed that I have become more invisible in the shops these days. Recently I have found that I can walk by all the makeup counters at a departmental store without being served by anyone. I have found that the shop assistants approach younger women but tend to ignore me. Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I don’t want to take care of myself.

My previous job was working with the elderly and disabled as a Community Care Officer in social services. The young people today seem to have less respect for the older generation than they used to when I was younger. The underlying word for me is respect.  I think there needs to be more respect in our society for older people. 


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