AgeismWhatever our age, there’s a person inside
Anisah asks for more tolerance and understanding of older people from society.
AgeismSupport for those ageing without children
Not all older people are grandparents, and this assumption can be detrimental - by Kirsty Woodard.
AgeismWe need to be able to trust public transport
Accessible and reliable public transport is key to many older people living fulfilling lives - by Sophie Lock
AgeismBeing old is an adventure
Sophia focuses on the rewards of later life.
AgeismEradicating ageism in five steps
Longer lives are an incredible success story, but negative attitudes undermine this - by Anna Dixon
AgeismStereotyping is pervasive and dangerous
Whether as “baby boomers” or “bed blockers”, negative stereotyping of older people is pervasive and dangerous - by Glen Garrod
AgeismStop seeing us as crumbly old fuddy-duddys!
Joan describes exasperation with the stereotypes others impose on older people.
AgeismCompassionate Ageism: Reinforcing ‘the terror of age; the weak, catastrophic victim of age’?
Dr Mervyn Eastman explores the politics of language around ageing.