Independence is at the heart of all we do

We are working towards a society where older people can live the lives they aspire to and contribute actively to their communities.

2030 vision

For our 2030 vision project we carried out surveys and supporting polls over 18 months, and asked older people directly what their priorities are. We spoke to over 4000 people and asked them to share with us what concerned them most about growing older and what they believed would make the UK a better country to grow older in. The result was our 2030 vision report which summarised what we learned, and set out four clear aspirations that emerged from the consultation process:

  • Older people can live free from discrimination and make an active contribution in later life.
  • Older people can live comfortably with the money they need.
  • Older people can stay connected to their families and the world around them.
  • Older people can live healthily and get the health and care services they need.

Independence at 80+

Independence at 80+ is series of short films made by Independent Age exploring what independence means to different people. The people we have interviewed for this series are all over the age of 80. We will continue adding more stories, so please return to this page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The Chair: Independence at 80+

No milk today: Independence at 80+

Keep cooking: Independence at 80+

We're independent so you can be

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